Artisansoul has been a dedicated student of Chinese art since first applying brush to paper as a child. Her parents supported her enthusiasm from an early age, encouraging her to stretch and follow her passion.

After immigrating to the United States in 1986, Artisansoul followed her parents advice and began studies under Vincent Ma, a renowned calligraphy master, who himself was educated by Hanlim, a high ranking official of literature in the Ching dynasty.

Once her calligraphy skills were firmly established, Artisansoul searched for other outlets to stretch creatively. She contacted Zoulie Deng, whose expertise is impressionistic Chinese watercolor painting. He opened Artisansoul's eyes to an entirely new world and spent countless hours teaching her many subtle methods of manipulating paint and ink.

Another master, Hongduan Yang, recognized Artisansoul's talent and took her under his wing. Well known in China for his paintings of Eagles and Swallows, Mr. Yang's skill in advanced watercolor techniques was invaluable in developing Artisansoul's talent. Under his watchful eye, she has developed an abundance of new ways to express her remarkable artistic vision.